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For any information regarding the COVID 19 virus

Personal Retirement Annuities and pension funds is not affected by the plan of the government to use pension fund money for there goals.

Your money is save.


What effect did the covid 19 virus have on my investment

Many investment funds had loses up to 25%
That means you have 25% less money to retire from or to start building your investment from
Luckily markets do correct.
It's just the time period of recovery (almost like recovering from a illness) that makes a difference
And due to that the amount you are saving from retirement now needs to be adjusted by at least 25% to get the same result as your previous calculations.
Increase or start your ra as soon as possible


What is the one thing covid 19 teach us

Have a savings or cash flow plan

Have at least 6 + months salary saved

If you lose your job because of another covid or economic situation you can recover and find another job or survive for longer

Start saving

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What to keep in mind when investing

Inflation depreciates the value of your money. That makes financial planning important
There is a huge difference in income if you retire now with R1 000 000 and when you retire in 30 years with R1 000 000.




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