Special on Life Insurance.
Option 1: Start paying your premium before 1 August 2018 and you get 100% of your next 5 years premiums back when you 65
Option 2: Get 100% of your risk premium back after 15 years.
T's and C's apply
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Car Insurance Special
Start your premium before August 2018 and you will get 3% of your premiums back after 5 years.
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Fees on Retirement Annuities
There are different kinds of fees o a retirement annuity or on a living annuity
Administration fees
Platform fees
Management fees
Performance fees
Advisor fees
   Initial fee
   Ongoing fee
Fixed fees
Administrative- and platform fees are levied by the investmet company and can be between 0 and 1.5% 
Management fees are levied by the holder of the fund and can vary from 0.3 to 3.0%
Advisor fees or broker fees is levied by your advisor. It can be between 0 and 3%
Our fee structure on retirement annuities
By investing though us you can get a 10% to 30% broker fee discount.
Our fee structure on living annuities
By investing though us on your living annuity, you will have a innitial fee of 0.5% up to 1.5% depending on the amount.
plus a ongoing advisor fee of 0.3% for amount over R1 500 000
and a ongoing advisor fee of 0.5% for amounts less than R1 500 000.
On a quote you will see a EAC percentage.
It indicates the total costs of your investment.
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Minimum Premium is R350 per month



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